Bookings, registrations and cancellations




Parents should book the days they wish their children to attend when registering (e.g. every Monday & Friday) through the Manager, either in person or by phone.  Parents must obtain confirmation that spaces are available.
Any requests to alter days on a one-off or permanent basis should be discussed with the Manager.  Any changes can only be made if there are sufficient places.

Ad-hoc (one-off) bookings can also be made providing there is enough space and the child is registered with MAC.  Ad-hoc bookings can be made up to the day prior to the day of the session required, again in person or by phone, but not more than 2 weeks in advance.
No child should be left at the club without confirmation from the manager that a place is available.  Ad-hoc bookings should be paid in advance or on the collection of the children.  All cancellations must be paid for in full unless 1 working day notice is given and then the fee waived.  When less than 1 working day notice is given, another ad-hoc booking will not be accepted until the full fee is paid.



Children will only be able to attend MAC if parents have completed a registration form.  This contains all the necessary information, including emergency contact numbers and any specific needs of the child.

PROCEDURE: This form will be kept in a secure place to ensure confidentiality.  It is the responsibility of the parents to inform MAC of any changes in personal details and/or circumstances.

Children can be admitted throughout the year, places permitting.  Numbers will be reviewed regularly but in the event of over-booking, priority will be given to children who attend Millbrook Combined School & Nursery.

For the After School Club, there will be a yearly recruitment drive in the summer term for people wishing to start in September – parents should confirm in the first two weeks of July if they wish a place for the following term.


All cancellations should be made online via Parent Pay for Breakfast Club and After School Club. For Holiday Club cancellation must be made either in person or by phone (text only). This would then be recorded on the cancellations form for further reference if needed.

Permanent cancellations where the child will stop attending MAC, should be made with a minimum of one weeks’ notice.

All cancellations MUST BE NOTIFIED 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.  This ensures that staff do not spend unnecessary time searching for the child or making phone enquiries.  All booked sessions, if cancelled on the day, must still be paid for.

MAC will attempt to contact parents if a child has been absent from the club without an explanation for more than 1 week.  Children will be removed from the register after this time if no word is received that the place is still required.

The parents must prebook the session by Friday at 16:00 for the following week in order to receive the discounted price for the Clubs. If the bookings are done during the week then they will need to pay the full price.

For example, if they book on Friday 5th April by 16:00 for the following week they will pay £7.50 for each session they book for the first child and £6.75 for any additional children that attend. If parents book on Monday the 8th of April for any days during the week (9th to 12th of April) they will pay £8.00 for any child they book for.

Online booking via Parent Pay works only for any following day. You cannot make the bookings online for the same day.

If you require a session for Breakfast Club on the day (adhoc) just show up at the door and the staff will take your child – the price paid will be for an adhoc session (7:30 session- £4.50 / 8:00 – £3.00).

For After School Club please send us a text or call us in order to make the necessary arrangements at the end of the day for your child to be redirected to MAC at the end of the day.

We do offer monthly/termly pre-booking where we book the sessions for you in advance and you prepay for the sessions weekly, monthly or termly.

(AD-Hoc prices throughout all of MACs clubs vary in price.)